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Banking on Curb Appeal, You Just Need It!

System - Monday, August 11, 2008
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Does Your Home Have Pizzazz? Preparing Your Home to Sell for the Best Value Prepared by: Jason Tolley Backyard Realty Group, LLC Of course you want to sell your home quickly and for the best value, but have you taken a look at your curb appeal? Have you stood on your curb and looked at your home to see how it appears to potential buyers? ...

Beautiful Cobb County

System - Monday, August 4, 2008
Property Management Blog
Beautiful Cobb County   Click on the homes above to see my current listings in and around Cobb County.  Or visit for more listings.   Contact Jason Tolley,  Realtor, Backyard Realty Group LLC.  Licensed Realtor in Georgia at 770-315-0789 to list your property for sale, ...

Why you need a property manager for your rental!

System - Friday, August 1, 2008
Property Management Blog
Ever wonder what it would be like to know your rental is in good hands, you don't have to find tenants and you can just sit back and relax and wait for that check every month? Well let me show you what that is like! I will help prevent the headaches that come along with renting your property and I will treat renting your home like managin...

Who doesn't love food?

System - Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Property Management Blog
The growing population of Cobb County is reason enough to believe it is great place to liveand enjoy.Cobb county appealsto all ages and interestsdue to the blend of the old south and contemporary charm. What is one thing that everyone loves to do regardless where they live? EAT of course! Who doesn't enjoy going to a restaurant with great...

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