General Maintenance Procedures

Emergency Fund

Backyard Realty Group requires owners to have an emergency maintenance fund. This fund must have a minimum balance of $300 at all times. The $300 will be deducted from the first month’s rent check before we send you your portion of the rent. The emergency fund is there to cover any emergency repairs that may need to be addressed in a timely fashion.

Our managers always try to communicate with the owners to let them know what is going on with their properties. Sometimes small emergencies may arise that may have to be addressed ASAP. In these situations your manager will attempt to contact you. If for some reason the manager is not able to reach you, then the manager will take action as needed to protect your interest. For instance, if a service professional is at the property and waiting for direction, an on the spot decision will need to be made. If the repairs are less than $300 your manager will get them taken care of but will do their best to contact you first. When required repairs exceed $300 your manager will always get your approval unless a severe situation occurs that must be addressed at that very moment.

Our managers will always try to save you money which is sometimes why they need to make a quick decision without approval – we don’t want to have to pay a service professional to come out, look at the property, wait for a decision or possibly return back for another visit after getting approval from the owner. This could result in you being charged for several visits as opposed to one.

Maintenance Issues vs. Rehabs

Our managers are responsible for overseeing all day to day issues with your rental home which includes responding to emergency or maintenance issues from the tenant. These issues are covered in your management fee that is paid each month. Your property manager can handle remodeling, rehab or major renovations but additional costs will occur. You may choose to oversee these projects if applicable or hire a contractor to supervise all large projects when they come about.

It’s the Law…

Property owners who wish to have tenants in their property must maintain the appliances and keep the home in good operating condition. The Georgia Landlord Tenant Law does not allow the landlord to require the tenant to upkeep or attend to any maintenance issues; this is the responsibility of the landlord and must be followed. Landlords are held liable for any injuries caused to the tenant if the landlord fails to keep the property in good operating condition. Our managers can oversee these things on behalf of the landlord and will do their best to ensure that your home is maintained properly.