Rental Ready

Being Rent Ready

Backyard Realty Group requires that your property be “rent ready” before advertising the property for rent. This is required to protect the owner, as well as, the tenant. This policy will help prevent issues from arising due to timing constraints. Some tenants rely on the fact that a property is available and if work is delayed it can cause numerous problems for the tenant and they may ask to hold the owner reliable.

We also require your home to be “rent ready” because it is hard to advertise a property that has not yet been cleaned or painted, has major repairs that need to be addressed and that do not have the utilities on. This makes the showing process a safety issue and we do not want to take that risk.

What is “rent ready”?

All utilities must be on before a property can be advertised for rent and any showings conducted. This is extremely important because it is a safety issue. When the home is vacant the utilities are the responsibility of the owner. When a tenant moves in, the utilities are transferred out of the owners name and into the tenants name; the utilities are never turned off. This can also protect your home from pipes bursting during the winter months or other situations from occurring.

All personal property must be removed from the property – this includes in the attic, garage, storage areas, crawl spaces, etc. Your tenant does not want to see your items there unless you are offering the rental furnished. Tenants should not be expected to work around your items or clean up your belongings that were left behind.

The home should be clean – very clean! A prospective tenant will be turned off by the site of a dirty home. They want to move into a nice and clean property not one that needs to be cleaned and sanitized before moving in. If the home has been vacant for some time it is expected that there may be dead bugs or dust in the home however you must take care of that before the tenant moves in and keep the home looking nice while it is being marketed. If you are unavailable to maintain this during vacancies we would be happy to recommend a few people who can take care of this for you. Before a tenant moves in the floors should be vacuumed, the house should be dusted, burnt out light bulbs should be replaced, bathrooms should be cleaned, etc. This also includes the yard. The grass should be mowed during vacancies as well.

The tenant is expected to return the home to its original condition. This ensures you will get a nice clean home back!

Something to keep in mind:

It is a good practice to have the walls painted to a neutral color before putting your home up for rent. Tenants know that in most cases they cannot paint the walls once they move in so they might be turned off by bright red walls especially if it is not going to match any of their furniture.