Maintenance and Emergencies

An emergency is anything defined as life-threatening. Some maintenance issues may be uncomfortable and inconvenient but they are not considered to be an emergency.

Emergency Situations:

Flooding, gas leak or odor, fire, sewage issues, fallen tree (if fallen on the house), a broken water pipe, major roof leak, air conditioner out if temp is over 90 degrees, heat has stopped working, fridge is not cooling, if the ONLY toilet in the house has stopped working (if you have more than one toilet please stop using the broken one and use the others), hot water heater out, etc

Non-Emergency Situations:

Minor leak that can be shut off, power outage (call electric company), losing your keys or mailbox key, gutters need to be cleaned (unless it is causing a leak), dishwasher not working, etc.

If there is a fire please call 911. If there is a gas leak or you smell gas please also call the gas company.

We are not responsible for the loss of personal items due to maintenance issues; you should have renter’s insurance to cover these particular cases.

Each maintenance issue depends on the severity when it comes to maintenance time. More urgent repairs will be taken care of first and less urgent repairs second. We will always do our best to get all repairs done in a timely fashion!

However, any maintenance issues that were caused by something on your behalf, you will be responsible for payment on such issues. For example, if the toilet clogs due to you flushing something down it, you are responsible for the repair costs not the landlord.

Other things to keep in mind:

This information does not supersede the information provided in your lease. If you have any questions please reference your lease or call your manager.