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Why you need a property manager for your rental!

System - Friday, August 1, 2008
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Ever wonder what it would be like to know your rental is in good hands, you don't have to find tenants and you can just sit back and relax and wait for that check every month? Well let me show you what that is like!

I will help prevent the headaches that come along with renting your property and I will treat renting your home like managing a business/investment. Here are some reasons why having a property manager is beneficial:

* We are on call 24/7 for emergencies. No more phone calls at 2 in the morning from tenants!
* Our company employs contractors on a regular basis. You can expect a good rate and quality service from any contractor we refer.
*We offer our professional advice on your home, the market, contractors and selecting tenants.
*Tenants are screened per your instruction. Background check, credit check, rental history and employment history are just some of the ways we can qualify a tenant. We will present you with the information that we gather so you can make a business decision as to which tenant is right for you.
*We look out for your best interest and try to prevent liabilities when renting your home.

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Please contact me and I will be happy to discuss managing your property.

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