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The 20% Rule of Fall

System - Wednesday, October 12, 2016
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As the weather cools and leaves begin to fall, the general population begins to prepare for the weather and excitement of the upcoming holiday season. Do you ever consider the damage the leaves and cool weather may be doing to your lawn? As the leaves gather and frost and potentially snow accumulates there are several issues that can occur if more than 20% of your lawn is covered by leaves.

1. Inhibited growth: Leaves covering turf all fall and winter suffocates the grass underneath, making it difficult to obtain a plush lawn in the spring.

2. Snow Mold: Snow mold occurs in temperatures just above freezing where moisture develops between the snow or leaves combined with frost. There are two types of snow mold, pink and grey. Pink mold can be treated with fungicide, as where grey cannot. This means that with snow molds there is a chance that you will have to replace the whole lawn. Removing leaves may decrease this risk.

3. Turf Damage: When you leave the fallen leaves on the ground you also run the risk of increasing the amount of critters, such as voles and mice, which will destroy your yard and home too.

Make sure you are cleaning the leaves from your lawn as they fall this season. For information or ideas on what to do or who to hire this season to make sure your lawn is in tip-top shape, feel free to reach out to Tolley Community Management at 770-517-1761.

Post By: Sarah Scott