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Meet the Women on our Team on Women's Equality Day

System - Friday, August 26, 2016
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Here at Backyard Realty Group DBA Tolley Community Management we are lucky to have a group of talented and diverse women. Women’s Equality Day (August 26) is the perfect time to celebrate the unique characteristics and skills that each woman brings to the team.

• Allison: Young and fresh, Allison is a Photoshop guru and has a great eye for what is aesthetically pleasing. She has helped our team create, edit, and refine logos and images to make us stand out. Additionally, she does the day to day operations within the Rental Department. Thank you Allison!

• Amber: A true team player, Amber possesses iron patience, which makes her a great trainer! This fall she is scheduled to have her second baby boy (CONGRATS!) and has trained Liz to take over her position for a short time while she is with her new baby. Thanks to her training expertise and willingness to listen, Liz is fully prepared for the busiest time of the year—budget season! Thank you Amber!

• Ashley: Otherwise known as a “True Southern Woman”, Ashley possesses the ability to talk to all people and soothe them about any situation with a simple “bless your heart.” Her customer service and smooth-talkin’ skills make all of our jobs easier by creating a friendly and comfortable atmosphere for every client she speaks with. Thank you Ashley!

• Cindy: Otherwise known as the First Lady of the office, Cindy offers a great deal of knowledge and experience in the Financial Management field. Offering continual advice for our accounting department is Cindy’s expertise, and she does a fantastic job. Thank you Cindy!

• Jaime: Strong-willed, Jaime does a fantastic job at making sure the Board of Directors in each of her communities are well taken care of on a constant and efficient basis. Her excellent and clear communication skills not only help her communities to understand the industry, but thrive! Thank you Jaime!

• Jen: Marketing Guru & Planner Extraordinaire, it seems like there is nothing Jen can’t do! Jen is not only the best person for the job when it comes to marketing Backyard Realty Group DBA Tolley Community Management to clients, she also makes a splash when it comes to maintaining the company reputation when dealing with industry leaders as well. As a member of NARPM, Jen orchestrated the Southern States Conference in Savannah this year. Jen also serves as our Associate Broker overseeing the Rental & Real Estate Divisions. Thank you Jen!

• Jennifer: On the front line for the office, Jennifer’s superior organization and communication skills helps keep the ship running smoothly. Without her friendly reminders and constant updates, we would be at a loss. Thank you Jennifer!

• Krissy: Managing top homeowner concerns such as architectural requests, violations, and gate access information, Krissy is the front-runner for making sure operations runs smoothly from behind the scenes. Krissy's vital role in the company goes without measure and we appreciate her for the effort and organization she puts into each task. Thank you Krissy!

• Krista: Light-hearted but straight-to-the-point, Krista offers a balance for board members that is refreshing and informative. Not only does she shine when it comes to meeting face-to-face, but her expedient response skills on all matters brought to her attention makes her a top-notch manager. Thank you Krista!

• Liz: Calm, cool, and collected, Liz handles everything that is thrown at her with grace and patience. Currently the right-hand to the condo management and accounting departments, Liz has no limits when it comes to her diverse skills and passion for success. Thank you Liz!

• Shannon: Fun and hard-working, Shannon gets things done through the power of pure motivation to succeed. Thanks to her fun-loving attitude, working with Shannon is not only efficient, it is enjoyable! Her willingness to learn and go beyond expectations makes Shannon a valuable member of our team. Thanks Shannon!

• Stephanie: Down-to-Earth and relatable, Stephanie opens up doors to communication between board members and residents in communities without even trying. Thanks to her easy-going nature, people feel they can truly express their concerns and ascertain results when communicating with her. Thanks Stephanie!

• Susan: A true northerner, Susan is the candid spirit of the office and always offers a fast and simple solution to any request or concern without a second thought. Thanks to her effortless understanding on accounting projects, Susan makes sure all of our ducks are in a row when it comes to financial management. Thanks Susan!

Post By: Sarah Scott