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Meet Ashley - TCM's Managers Assistant!

System - Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Where are you from? Why do you love it? What’s been your favorite place to live?

My home place; I’m from Georgia, born in Lithia Springs. Which is west of Atlanta. I could never imagine living anywhere other than in the South.

Tell us a bit about your professional background. How did you arrive at TCM/BRG?

How I got here; I have 15 plus years of experience as an Administrator and then Executive Administrator in communications for worldwide companies as well as family owned and operated companies. After working with a private CPA practice for 9 years, Mr. Smith, decided to retire. One of my primary functions at the firm was assisting the HOA’s that Mr. Smith managed. I enjoyed all aspects of this role. So, after leaving the firm I decided to take the plunge and pursue a different venture in the business of community management, which lead me to my admin position with Tolley Community Management and to my team!

What’s most gratifying about your position?

The most gratifying aspect of my position is the ability to help all of the homeowners feel connected to their neighbors and communities. To give them the knowledge so that they can be the change that they want to see.

How long have you been at TCM/BRG?

I have entered my 3rd year here with TCM and my team! And we are stronger than ever!

What was your favorite moment at TCM/BRG and why?

My fave moment; The day I walked in the door! HA! No really, I saw that these people needed someone to encourage, empower, uplift and cheer them on while they do the same for their homeowners. I felt confident that I had the ability to do that for all of them and still do. And, if I can make them laugh along the way, I go home happy and fulfilled.

What do you like to do for fun?

For fun; I enjoy laughing, brunching with my ladies, and of course shopping. What girl doesn’t?! I also enjoy being with my family and friends. Life’s a bowl of cherries after all, right!? *smile

Tell us about your family:

I have been married to my husband, David, for 11 years. He will forever be my soulmate. It takes a strong man to run through life with me. HA! We have three teenagers, two boys and a girl. All of my family, pretty much, lives in state. So, I’m very close to all of them. Most of all of my precious Mother. My family, friends and co-workers, who I consider friends, inspire me daily to be a better version of myself! I’m thankful for them all!