Tenant Qualifications

We use a variety of things to qualify a tenant for our rental properties. Tenant applications are looked at as a whole; we verify everything and compile it together. A weakness in one area does not necessarily mean that your application will be denied – it could be offset by one of your stronger areas.


We check all references: employment references, personal references and past landlords. We look to see if there are any unsatisfactory reports from the above references such as reports of noise complaints; illegal activity; violent behavior and/or threats; vacating a previous rental property without notice; complaints of rude behavior towards previous landlords; reports from a previous landlord that said they will not rent to you again, etc.

Past Evictions

We will run an eviction search to see if you have been previously evicted from any property.

Credit Report

We will run a credit report which will show your payment history, amount of debt and available credit. We will be able to see if you are in collections due to non-payment on a previous rental property.

Income Verification

Our property managers will call and verify your employment income with your current employer. Your income must be three (3) times the amount of the monthly rent for the property. Spouses may combine income.

Criminal History

We will run a criminal history background check (state and national), Sex Offender’s Registry check, Terrorist search, State eviction search, among other security reports.