Move-Out Procedures

The move out process is quite complicated.

  1. If you do not plan to renew your lease upon expiration you MUST notify your manager 60 days before the lease expiration date. Your notification must be in writing to be official.
  2. If you have given your notice to move-out and not renew your lease a “for lease” sign will be placed in the yard and a lock box on the door. We will begin marketing the property to find a new tenant.
  3. Per your lease agreement we will schedule showings for possible new tenants. This will be done by appointment only and we will notify you of the showing appointments.
  4. You will need to schedule a move-out date with your manager. Your move-out date must be scheduled at least 10 days in advance. At the time of move-out all items should already be removed from the property. A walk through will be completed just as it did when you moved in.
  5. There are many things that you are responsible for upon move-out. Please review this list of things that you must consider upon move-out.
  6. The last month’s rent MUST be paid. It will not be taken from the security deposit. Failure to pay the last month’s rent can go on your credit.

This information does not supersede the information provided in your lease. If you have any questions please reference your lease or call your manager.

If you’re moving out, please fill out the information below: