Move-In Process

Prior to moving into the home you must have paid your first month’s rent, the full amount of the deposit, a pet-fee (if applicable) and all other fees. Your manager will schedule a move-in date with you and will meet you at the property to discuss and sign the lease, hand over the keys and do a move-in walk through with you.


Your move-in walk through is VERY important because this will partially determine how your security deposit will be distributed back to you. While walking the property with the manager address any concerns that you may see about the property. As part of your lease agreement you will be given a move-in checklist that must be completed within 7 days of your move-in date. If this form is not completed and returned to your manager it will be assumed that the home is in good working condition. This move-in sheet is what we will use when you move-out to compare the condition. Any damages not noted on your move-in sheet will be considered damages made by you while you were renting the property.

Need another move-in sheet?

Fill out the move-in/move-out form and mail it to our office within 7 days of your move-in. Please attach any photographs if necessary.

Or, fill out your form online.

This information does not supersede the information provided in your lease. If you have any questions please reference your lease or call your manager.

Move-in Checklist

Please fill out all fields below. After submission, you will be redirected to forms for your bedrooms and bathrooms.

You have 7 days from your move-in date to amend this form. If no amendment is made, the move-in condition shall be deemed accepted by all parties. All amendments must be in writing and agreed too. If you have any questions regarding this form please contact Backyard Realty Group at (770) 517-1761.