Security Deposit

Getting Your Security Deposit Back

We understand that getting your security deposit back is very important to you, however, the home must be returned to its original condition upon move-out.

Please look over our list of optional items that should be considered before your move-out walk through.

Your manager will take notes during the final walk through and will notate any damages or repairs that need to be addressed and will then compare those notes with your original move-in sheet. If the damages and repairs were not on your move-in sheet they will be considered to have occurred while you were renting the property and the costs will be taken from the security deposit.

The remaining balance of your security deposit will be mailed to you at the forwarding address that you provided with us on your move-out sheet. Along with your security deposit will be a form that will show deductions (if any) that were taken from your deposit. In some cases, you may not receive any of your security deposit back but instead may receive a bill if the cost of repairs exceeded your deposit.

You have the right to notify our office upon receipt of your security deposit or bill if you do not agree with the charges. We will do our best to work with you in any way that we can however we also need to make sure that the home is taken care of as well!

This information does not supersede the information provided in your lease. If you have any questions please reference your lease or call your manager.